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Standalone Grafana plugin

We provide a standalone tornimo plugin which you can add to your private Grafana instance. You can find the steps below in as well. If you can't install our plugin, you can use the Graphite plugin that is bundled by default in Graphana. You can find more details in our documentation


To install this plugin you need to add the artifact to your grafana's plugins directory, and then restart the grafana server. Steps:

  • SSH to your grafana server
  • Go to grafana plugins directory (default=/var/lib/grafana/plugins)
  • Download tornimo-datasource zip file from releases.
  • unpack it here unzip
  • remove no longer needed archive rm
  • restart grafana


To run docker with this plugin installed you should run:

docker run \
    -d -p 3000:3000 \
    --name=grafana \
    -e "GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS=<version>/;tornimo-datasource" \

How to use

  • Open grafana
  • Go to configuration -> Data sources -> Add data source
  • Choose Tornimo
  • As URL put your Grafana backend URL (you can find it in your admin panel)
  • As Access method choose the one that suits you best (Server - will make calls to Tornimo from Grafana server, Browser - will make calls directly from the browser)
  • As Token put your Tornimo's API key (you can generate it in your admin panel)
  • Choose Bucket size (Granularity - into how big buckets your data points will be aggregated, we recommend the 60s)
  • Tornimo data source is set up!

* If you have any problems with configuration, you can always check out how it's configured in Grafana that we provide as a part of Tornimo's subscription