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So what is the purpose of Tornimo?

If you operate some IT infrastructure like tens or thousands of servers you might like to monitor their CPU or memory usage. Or maybe you have applications that process client requests - you might want to monitor their processing times, request sizes, etc. These servers and apps can send data to Tornimo and report their health and processing metrics to us. We will store them and let you see them displayed on beautiful dashboards. You can customize how data is processed and displayed.

How long is the trial period?

The trial period is 14 days since activating the account access.

How does the Tornimo pricing model work?

Contrary to some competing products you pay only for data points that you send to us and not particular metric names. There are no fees for individual apps or servers. There are no predefined plans or upfront commitments.

Do you charge for data storage?


Do you provide customer support?

We do. You can contact us via email ( We reply within 1h during working hours (CET timezone).

What about other data sources I already use?

Since we set up a separate infrastructure for our clients your dashboards are fully customizable with other data sources. You can get your own data displayed on Tornimo dashboards without it leaving your private networks.

Would it be possible to add Tormino as data source in our own Grafana?

Yes! We described all configuration details in our plugin documentation.

Can I use Tornimo as long term storage for Prometheus?

Not yet but we have it on our roadmap.