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StatsD is a front-end proxy for the Graphite/Carbon metrics server, with a wide range of server and client implementations.

As stated here StatsD is a simple daemon that listens for messages on a UDP or TCP port. It parses the messages, extracts metrics data, and periodically flushes the aggregates to external persistent storage.


To send data to Tornimo, you don't need to install anything extra because StatsD already supports Graphite protocol and so does Tornimo. The only thing you need is to configure the correct endpoint of StatsD.

  graphitePort: 2003,
  graphiteHost: "${YOUR_TORNIMO_PUSH_URL}",
  port: 8125,
  backends: [
  graphite: {
    legacyNamespace: false,
    globalPrefix: "${YOUR_TORNIMO_TOKEN}"


To test if you configured your StatsD instance try to send a message using netcat:

echo -n "test_metric:1|c" | nc -w1 -cu 8125

If configured correctly, StatsD will flush this metric to Tornimo.