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To send data to Tornimo, you need to add dropwizard dependency to your dependency manager config (maven/gradle).

We also provide a plugin for Spring 2 metrics collector called Micrometer. For details go here.

Maven dependency


Gradle dependency

compile group: 'io.dropwizard.metrics', name: 'metrics-graphite', version: '4.0.5'

Example showing how to send some meter metric using Dropwizard api.

final MetricRegistry registry = new MetricRegistry();
final Graphite graphite = new Graphite(new InetSocketAddress(YOUR_TORNIMO_PUSH_URL, 2003));
final GraphiteReporter reporter = GraphiteReporter.forRegistry(registry)
        .prefixedWith(YOUR_TORNIMO_TOKEN + ".your.example.prefix")

reporter.start(1, TimeUnit.MINUTES);